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duxxbak decking

Make the most of your outdoor space with DuxxBak decking

It’s entirely possible to create an incredible storage space outside of your home without compromising on your living space.

DuxxBak decking is your best option for obtaining the leisure space you’ve been dreaming of, while also availing of storage space that’s watertight, sturdy and sheltered from the elements.

The area beneath your deck will remain dry, in good weather and bad. The material that’s used is durable and resistant to fluctuations in temperature. And the boards are designed in such a way that the wood joists are protected against mold and mildew.

Expanding your property

These days, as yards become smaller and smaller, homeowners have less room than ever to store patio furniture, gardening tools and children’s playthings. But with DuxxBak decking, you can create a storage space that’s not only efficient, but also attractive.

And with a choice of five colors, you can easily match your deck boards to the exterior of your home.

The tongue-and-groove deck board is easy to install in a single operation. It will ensure that your deck is even, waterproof and safe, while allowing you to store numerous items underneath, especially when you have a small yard with no access to a shed. You can say goodbye forever to that cluttered, crowded appearance.

Undeniable advantages

DuxxBak offers nothing but advantages, including weatherproof material, easy installation, no need for a waterproof membrane, and more! In short, no other product on the market can compare with DuxxBak in terms of performance and looks.

So when you want a living space that’s absolutely stunning and you aren’t willing to compromise on practicality, the choice is simple. Come check out all our various options for yourself.

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