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Exterior decoration & materials – FAQs


Patios & terraces

What kind of maintenance does your decking need?

Our deck boards for patios and terraces require no maintenance: no waxing, no painting and no staining. All you have to do is clean the decking as needed to remove any accumulated dirt and debris.

What is the warranty on these products?

Our materials are guaranteed for life. It’s quite simply the best warranty in the market. Please note that our warranties cannot be transferred from one owner to another. Refer to our corporate brochure for further information.

Does the decking get hot in direct sunlight?

Among all the choices in decking currently available in the market, Genova deck boards remain the coolest. Thanks to their design, which includes air pockets, the boards retain practically no heat at all.

Is the decking easy to install?

Our deck boards are very simple to install. Many people who have used our products consider them to be easier to install than any others that are currently available in the market. With the right tools and procedures, you can complete your patio or terrace project by yourself. But don’t forget that we’re always available to answer your questions.

Will the decking fade or become stained?

The deck boards don’t tend to fade or stain. The product even carries a warranty against fading. It’s also important to remember that polyurethane doesn’t absorb liquids, so it isn’t as prone to staining as wood and many composite materials.

Will the decking warp as a result of temperature fluctuations?

Since our deck boards are made entirely of polyurethane, temperature changes have very little effect on them. Unlike composite or recycled materials, PVC remains much more stable when subjected to variations in temperature.

Is the decking slippery?

Genova deck boards are considered to be the most slip-resistant in the market. However, it’s important not to forget that ice, water and other substances can make any surface more slippery than usual.

How much does your decking cost?

The price will vary depending on the type, color, format and other characteristics of the deck boards. That’s why we recommend that you submit a request for an estimate, either online, by telephone or in person.


Railing and spindles

What is the warranty on these products?

Our Superior Plastic PVC railing and Key-Link aluminum railing is guaranteed for life. In the case of polyurethane railing, the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty.

What colors does your railing come in?

PVC railing: the base color is white. However, we’ve developed a technique that allows us to paint the rails according to your needs. The paint comes with a 10-year warranty.

Aluminum railing: the colors we carry in stock are black and white, but a few other colors are available by special order.

Polyurethane railing: this type of railing is delivered with two coats of primer, ready to be painted in our factory, according to your needs.

How resistant is the railing?

The products we stock are very resistant. PVC, aluminum and polyurethane are all materials that require very little maintenance. They are much more durable than wood or composite materials.

Does the railing change color over time or with exposure to the elements?

Unlike the PVC of the past, which tended to turn yellow, today’s PVC retains its white color, thanks to advances in technology. Furthermore, the lifetime warranty on PVC covers discoloration.

How much does aluminum and PVC railing cost?

The price will depend on the model and material that are chosen. For more information, you can request an estimate online.

What is the difference between PVC and aluminum railing?

PVC and aluminum are comparable in terms of resistance and quality.

The real difference lies in the style of the two materials. PVC manufacturing methods make it possible to create colonial spindles of up to 3¾ inches in diameter. Aluminum spindles are more delicate and square-shaped.

What is the difference in price between PVC and aluminum railing?

The price of the smallest PVC model is comparable to that of the standard aluminum model. For more information, you can request an estimate online.

In Quebec, what are the main regulations regarding railing?

The spindles must be installed no more than four inches apart. Our PVC and aluminum rails are pre-drilled in order to ensure compliance with this regulation. The installation guide for polyurethane railing explains this regulation in more detail.

Railing must be 36 inches high on lower floors (between 24 and 70 inches above the ground) and 42 inches on upper floors (more than 70 inches above the ground).

Rails are required on any deck that’s more than 24 inches above the ground.

Source: National Building Code – Canada



What kind of warranty is offered on Spectis polyurethane products?

Spectis Moulders guarantees its polyurethane products against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five years from the date of purchase. This warranty is valid only for the original owner and only when the product has been utilized and installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the product isn’t painted immediately after installation, the warranty will only be valid for one year from the date of purchase.

How do polyurethane products arrive from the factory?

Spectis products are delivered with two coats of white primer, ready to be painted. High-quality exterior latex or oil-based paint may be used on all rigid Spectis products. However, the surface must be absolutely clean, dry and free of any grease or wax before finishing work can begin. We also offer painting services at our factory.

How should I finish polyurethane products?

All polyurethane products are delivered with two coats of primer. The second coat, which acts as a protective layer, is a product designed for outdoor use. In order for polyurethane products to be fully covered by the warranty, they must be installed according to the instructions in the installation guide. This procedure includes all the necessary steps for filling in any joints, seams or screw holes that remain after the installation is completed. Polyurethane products may be painted the desired color either before or after installation.

Why is it recommended to use PL Premium adhesive?

PL Premium construction adhesive not only provides superior results, but is also safe to use. The adhesive may be used indoors or outdoors and will last as long as the surfaces are joined together. PL Premium adhesive has such incredible strength that you’ll be able to complete your project using a lot less than you would with other brands. PL Premium is easy to use, easy to paint, waterproof and virtually odor-free.

Can Camémat finish polyurethane products in the factory?

We offer painting services at our factory. All polyurethane products can be painted any color you choose.

Which types of products can be custom-made?

Spectis specializes in the production of unique, personalized products. Almost everything can be custom-made. Thanks to a team of designers and engineers, they can develop and produce just about any imaginable product.


Why use PVC instead of wood or composite materials for a patio or terrace?

To make a wise decision when purchasing decking, it’s important not only to consider the initial costs, but also the long-term costs.

To ensure a long life, wooden decks require a lot of maintenance (sanding, staining, replacement of damaged boards, etc.). Over time, these costs pile up on top of your initial investment. And that’s without taking into account the many hours of work that await you! Even with proper maintenance, wooden decking is vulnerable to wood rot and the elements, which will greatly diminish the value of your patio or terrace. In very little time, you’ll find yourself spending hours trying to preserve it; otherwise, you’ll simply have to replace it.

With an initial price that’s typically somewhere between that of wood and PVC, you might think that composite material would be a good alternative. However, since it’s partly composed of organic material (wood), over the long term, it is susceptible to mold, wood rot and warping. So you’ll end up paying a lot for a product that doesn’t last as long as you thought it would.

PVC decking is definitely the highest-quality option, giving you the best value for your money. First of all, unlike the other two, it’s guaranteed for life. Second of all, with PVC, you’ll avoid potential mold, fading, disintegration and warping of the deck boards, while enjoying a very attractive, maintenance-free product. By choosing PVC, you’re making an excellent investment in your patio or terrace, not to mention your peace of mind.

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