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PVC Decking

Our natural-looking synthetic deck boards for patios and terraces require very little maintenance and are covered by the best warranties in the market. Easy to install, our decking is definitely the perfect product when the time comes to renovate your yard. Come discover our variety of styles and materials and rest assured of the success of your renovation project." ["parent"]=> int(0) ["count"]=> int(9) ["filter"]=> string(3) "raw" ["term_order"]=> string(1) "2" }

Decking | 100 % Watershedding deck board (DuxxBak)


100 % Watershedding deck board (DuxxBak)


– The watershedding property of our boards will allow you to create a high-quality living or storage space. Perfect for a second floor balcony or any other location where you wish to use the space under the floor.
– Choice of 5 colors that will perfectly match your outdoor design.
– Material that requires minimal maintenance so you can enjoy your outdoor deck.

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Camémat advantages

Personalized follow-up from quotation to installation.

Durable products requiring very low maintenance.

Onsite measurement service (only available in certain regions of Quebec and Ontario).

Caracteristic(s) Lifetime warranty.

100 % Watershedding. Material that requires minimal maintenance so you can enjoy your outdoor deck.

Easy installation, no visible screws.

Made with durable natural & synthetic materials.
Material Hybrid composite
Manufacturer Green Bay Decking

Available lengths : 12', 16' & custom size (max.24')

Board width : 5 3/4"

Projection : 1 1/4"

Finish(es) / Color(s) Availables in 5 natural colors : Rustic Red, Copper Canyon, Walnut, Mahogany et Driftwood

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