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Synthetic materials for your deck: a long-lasting solution

Spring doesn’t only bring nice weather, but also melting snow, revealing every little flaw on your property. So even though it’s an ideal time to verify that your foundation, your exterior siding, your landscaping and your deck are in good condition, many people skip the inspection, taking the manufacturers at their word when it comes to the durability of their materials. However, no material is exempt from the ravages of time, whether at the esthetic or structural level.

Your patio: a source of pleasure or problems?

When constructing or renovating a deck, you can estimate the costs in two different ways:

When all is said and done, which approach do you think will cost you less money and bring you more pleasure than problems?

Should you opt for a deck made from natural or synthetic materials?

Some critics might rebuff the idea of choosing terrace or patio deck boards made of synthetic materials. However, there are materials available that are not only very attractive, but also extremely durable. So wood and fiberglass are no longer your only options: our PVC and hybrid composite decking is not only durable, but also absorbs less heat from the sun than natural materials, thanks to its high-density construction, and can be made slip-proof, according to your needs. Easy to install and requiring minimal maintenance, these high-quality products will allow you to enjoy your back yard in peace for many years.

Choices in synthetic decking

Would you like to have the deck or terrace of your dreams? With the premium synthetic materials offered at Camémat, there’s no shortage of choices! A number of different colors are available, depending on the type of deck board you choose. All of these materials are quick and easy to install, feature a composition that’s resistant to the harsh weather conditions of Quebec, and come with a warranty like no other. Whether you choose our tongue-and-groove decking, our waterproof deck board for balconies and outdoor storage spaces or even our regular decking, you’ll be sure to spend more quality time outdoors with your family, instead of spending that precious time doing repairs and renovations. Call one of our experts at 1-800-669-4943 for an estimate.

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