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Restoring the splendor of a Victorian home

When approaching a major renovation project on a Victorian or country-style home, it’s best to take sufficient time to prepare.

This type of project is a major undertaking that can last a lifetime or involve the whole family. Renovating a Victorian home can impact several generations.

These homes are old. They have special needs and require particular attention. With numerous touch-ups to do on a Victorian home, it’s essential to get off on the right foot. But giving new life to it will be well worth the effort.

A Victorian country home needs special treatment. So it’s essential to choose the right products. You need to ask yourself the right questions to make sure you get your hands on the materials and forms that will harmonize with the original architecture.


Polyurethane has proven to be a durable solution that reproduces the look of wood, but without the inconveniences. Wood requires maintenance that’s difficult and often costly. It has to be constantly sanded and repainted. And despite every effort, its useful life is limited. Polyurethane, on the other hand, doesn’t present these disadvantages. It offers a wider diversity of uses and it already comes in a variety of architectural forms.

Polyurethane is a strong material that can stand the test of time and add a lot of character to a Victorian home. It won’t fade. Not to mention the fact that it’s a very easy material to work with making it considerably easier to install.

It’s available in a wide variety of options, especially in terms of style. Polyurethane will allow you to give your Victorian home exactly the style and appearance you have in mind.
Diversity of colors occupies an essential role when it comes to the decorative elements of a Victorian home. Our option of customizable factory painting will reinforce the esthetic aspect by highlighting the architectural details.

A high-quality renovation is a long-term investment. So you should never hesitate to use the right materials and consult specialists in the area to guide you in making informed choices.
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