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Building or Renovating a Deck : Where to start ?

Are you ready to take the big plunge and revamp your backyard with the deck of your dreams? Are you wondering where to begin in order to bring a big exterior design project like this to completion? Here are a few steps you can follow to ensure its success.

Choose a style for your project

When you imagine your future deck, what do you see? The first step is to define the shape, colors and accessories, in short, to choose a style for your project. Browse through webpages and magazines or seek the advice of one of our experts to determine how you’d like your backyard to look over the years to come.

Analyze your needs

Next, analyze your needs. Are you looking for durable, low-maintenance materials? Determine the way you’d like to use your deck and discuss it with an expert, who will be able to advise you on the materials and accessories that are most appropriate for your specific needs.

Establish an approximate budget

Last, establish an approximate budget. You should be aware that there are a number of factors that can affect your budget over the long term: the durability of the materials, the quality of the installation, the way the space is optimized, etc. In order to estimate the true cost of your deck over the years and set a realistic budget, you have to figure all the costs related to maintaining your deck. As an example, a deck made in treated wood will cost you less at the time of purchase, but you have to figure all the repairs, painting, staining, cleaning and other maintenance it will require over time, without calculating your precious time.

Choosing Camémat means making the right choice

What Camémat has to offer is simple: expert advice, superior quality and comprehensive support. Your decking project will quickly pay off by improving your quality of life, enhancing the beauty of your yard and adding value to your home. Our commitment to continuous improvement keeps us constantly on the lookout for new materials in order to respond to the diverse needs of our extensive clientele, which means that you’ll benefit from the best products and the best warranties on the market. Our consulting service covers everything, whether you need help choosing the right materials or want to discuss your style preferences.

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Consulting Service

Thanks to the expertise and transparency of the consultants at Camémat, you’ll get the right products to meet your needs.

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