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The importance of sloping a deck

When you think spring, you naturally think deck project. Now that the snow is melting faster and faster with the emergence of the warm rays of the sun, even as the gentle spring rains accumulate, more and more people are thinking about fixing up their outdoor spaces. Whether you’re renovating an existing deck or building […]

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Composite deck boards: the advantages

In general, the composite wood used in the construction of patios, decks, terraces, etc. presents numerous advantages. Produced by means of molding or extrusion, the deck boards are made from a combination of PVC resin and plant- or wood-based components. They’re resistant to water and humidity and can withstand the test of time. Composite wood […]

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What is composite wood?

Composite construction materials have become increasingly popular. This is especially true of planks and sheets made of a blend of components, resulting in an appearance that is very similar to that of real wood. This is why we commonly refer to this new material as “composite wood.” Composite wood’s durability, sturdiness and ease of maintenance […]

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What’s the ideal material for a deck?

It’s 2:00 on a sunny Saturday afternoon. You’re taking the first sip of the Aperol Spritz someone just made especially for you. You can hear children laughing as they play in the pool in your back yard… Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? In just a few short weeks, summer moments like this can be […]

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Decorative molding: adding value to your home

For several years now, new constructions have featured an understated, minimalist design. In such a streamlined style, every little detail counts. Previously complex and crafted, decorative door and window trim (or decorative molding) is now simple and square without adornment, lending distinctive character to the facade of the home.   Decorative molding: a timeless trend […]

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How much does exterior railing cost?

Guardrails and handrails, in addition to columns, if necessary, must surround a deck and the steps leading up to it. The price of these elements will vary depending on the materials chosen and the complexity of the project. However, there are products available to suit a wide range of tastes and budgets. For example, superior-quality […]

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The price of a composite deck board terrace

  The current situation has turned our day-to-day lives upside down. Our homes have become the center of our activities, serving as both a workplace and a place to spend our free time. As a result, many of us have the urge to renovate our homes to make the most of the time we spend […]

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Being well prepared for your 2021 project can be an advantage

For different reasons, you were not able to complete your project in 2020?   Shortage of materials? Delivery delays? Price increases?   Camémat gives you RIGHT NOW the opportunity to pre-order your materials to be ready for SPRING 2021! This will allow you to reserve tour materials / equipment in advance and especially your workforce to achieve […]

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Recycled plastic for your patio means risks and troubles ahead!

When designing a patio, it’s easy to be tempted by an inferior-quality product like recycled plastic that will get the job done. Or at least you think it will. Mistakenly. By using a low-quality product to build your patio, just because the product is cheap, you may find yourself paying for that mistake for a […]

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Are wood-fiber composite deck boards a good choice for your deck?

When you’re shopping for materials to renovate your deck or terrace, you have a choice of two products that may seem nearly identical based on their names, but that are actually quite different. In this article, we explain some of the disadvantages of wood-fiber composite deck boards in comparison with composite deck boards WITHOUT wood […]

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Which kind of column should you choose for your home?

Camémat helps you decide which type of column is right for your residence. Various styles and materials are available. Contact us for a free estimate.

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