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Covering a concrete deck? Yes, it’s possible and here’s how!

The benefits of using a PVC subfloor on a concrete slab There’s no point in trying to cut corners. When it comes to covering a concrete deck, it’s absolutely essential to cover the surface with a cellular PVC subfloor first. If you install synthetic decking directly on top of a concrete surface, you’ll be running […]

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Durable, maintenance-free cellular PVC molding and corners: a logical choice!

Although the primary purpose of the cellular PVC corners and molding used in door and window frames, fascia and decorative panels is to provide added value on the esthetic plane, they also need to be durable. There’s a vast selection, but you should be aware that cellular PVC molding and corners are the most efficient […]

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Railings that are both safe and attractive

The guardrails on an outdoor staircase should be appealing, eye-catching and, most importantly, secure. Rails and guardrails can meet your needs for protection and safety, while also presenting an esthetically pleasing, well-made appearance. They’ll lend a majestic touch to your renovation or new construction project. Various options To make sure you enjoy an unobstructed view […]

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The importance of sloping a deck

When you think spring, you naturally think deck project. Now that the snow is melting faster and faster with the emergence of the warm rays of the sun, even as the gentle spring rains accumulate, more and more people are thinking about fixing up their outdoor spaces. Whether you’re renovating an existing deck or building […]

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Make the most of your outdoor space with DuxxBak decking

DuxxBak decking is your best option for obtaining the leisure space you’ve been dreaming of, while also availing of storage space that’s watertight, sturdy and sheltered from the elements. Learn more about this material…

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Preparing Your Deck for the Winter Season

The winter season places heavy demands on any exterior structure, especially decks and terraces. Even though our synthetic materials require very little maintenance, here are a few tips and recommendations to help you protect your deck and ensure that it still looks great next summer.

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Fiberglass Deck Board vs. the Camémat Alternative

If you’re looking for a durable, low-maintenance option for fixing up your deck or terrace, you may have heard about fiberglass deck board. However, this material presents several disadvantages you should be aware of before investing your hard-earned money. Fiberglass is a material that easily absorbs heat. On hot days, besides expanding, fiberglass can also […]

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Cellular PVC: for long-lasting exterior renovations

Are you looking for an alternative to wood or polyurethane for your siding, door and window trim, or other exterior decoration needs? Camémat proudly presents cellular PVC, a high-density material with an extremely rigid, durable structure. Less expensive than polyurethane or wood, not only can cellular PVC be worked with the same tools as wood, […]

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Minimum patio maintenance for an impeccable appearance

Regular maintenance is generally recommended for wood patios. But luckily, with today’s synthetic materials, you can virtually say goodbye to patio maintenance. No more sanding, staining or painting, like you used to have to do with your old wood patio. The synthetic materials for patios and decks, available at Camémat, will make your life much easier for many years to come.

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Decks & Balconies: What Type of Railing to Choose?

The style of your balcony, deck or staircase just isn’t complete without the addition of railing, which enhances its safety, quality and appearance. Essential for personalizing your project, your outdoor railing must be chosen to fit the style of your property and the available space.

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